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Healthcare and Consumer behavior Analytics Decision modeling, Experienced executive with Product concept to commercialization experience.


    Ram Manohar Oruganti

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    Software Development | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Computer Vision | Artificial Intelligence

    Ashutosh Choudhary

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    Went to University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    Sorin Otescu

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    From low-level hardware interfacing to distributed caches to web apps, I've done it all !

    Dominic Cabral

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    Michael Chu

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    Full Stack Developer

    Yann Henon

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    David Hong

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    Product, Strategy, & BD @Netra, Formerly PM @Amazon, MIT MBA (exp. 2017)

    Jimi Folarin

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    Board members and advisors

    Hambleton Lord

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    Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group, Co-Founder, Seraf, Named an Xconomy "Top Angel in New England." 

    Raymond Chang

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    Successful serial entrepreneur & active angel investor. Founder/CEO of GigaMedia (NASDAQ: GIGM), Luckypai, and New Focus Auto, (HKSE: 0360). #raymondnobuchang
    Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, Magnolia Pictures, and the chairman of AXS TV. He is also a "shark" investor on Shark Tank.
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    Former team

    Marcus Widell

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    Shubham Agarwal

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    Stefan Cepko

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