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Jelena Karamata

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Iuliia Batarchukova

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CEO PHD Mobi • 11 startups. Strong business background (Sony, Nestle Disney MTV/Viacom McClatchy) • Studied at U.C. Berkeley, PUC.

Megha Grover

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Céline Bourdonnais

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Emily Johns

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Rahul Tripathi

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I worked in rice milling for 10 years. Presently working with Al Dahra agriculture, a Dubai-based rice milling company.

Ilya Milashchenko

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Senior System Analyst at Nestle

Ritesh Shah

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IT Project Specialist at Nestle

Marlena S Thomas

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My goal is to advance my career in Public Health and wellness and continue to build skills and experience as an event planner, leader and analyst.

Hamish Clarke

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Yuen Shung Chit

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Marketing specialist

Larry Tan

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Berkeley engineering, statistics, optimization, machine learning experience, graduate degree
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Former team

Dom Hill

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Camilo Koch

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Mahmoud Husseini

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Rachel Laznowski

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Apoorv Gupta

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Elamurian R

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