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Navigating Educated and Radical Demeanor along with Galvanizing Epistemic Experience of Knowledge (nerd And Geek) NerdGeek Lab is a Student instigation platform created by SAPster for the aspiring job aspirants and those who are looking for a practical study experience as interns, based in the capital city of Delhi endowed by Sunny Ahlawat, an ICFAI Dehradun alumnus, in 2016, the Platform helps Aspiring Graduate to find job and for those who are studying, internships with Companies in India. NerdGeek Lab is a limber platform for job and intern strivers. It gives a platform to carry out high-quality, large-scale, multi-city projects in eminently efficient and cost competitive way for organizations as well. Our objective is to equip students with skills & practical exposure through internships and online training by giving them adventitious projects to give their career a kick start it needs. We are focusing on creating a new style of educational training which will give the students a whole new dimension to advent towards achieving their career dreams. We are proud to say that NerdGeek Lab is successfully helping the strivers so that they can spawn the ability to exceed in any kind of vindicating situation. Logically we are building the future entrepreneur for Developing India.
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Requirement for Web Developer by Me Bhi Neta (www.MeBhiNeta.com)

Job Description:

• Experience in PHP Development or .NET Development.


Hybrid Android Developer

You must have extensive experience in hybrid mobile app developer.
You should have hands on experience in HTML5, Angular JS, Cordova.


Node.js Fullstack Developer

What Will You Do?

Help lock down the technology stack from end to end

Work within a fast paced Agile/Scrum methodology

Use SOAP and REST to implement API integrations with other SaaS platforms Requirements: React experience - minimum 1 year

Javascript experience - minimum 3 years

MySQL (...


Cofounder CTO

Strategic thinking – co-founders need to excel at strategic thinking in order to identify product opportunities and make business decisions that ensure long-term success and growth
Market research – it’s also vital that co-founders are able to conduct market research and analyze trends and data t...