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Ambition: We currently serve 5k students, we want to serve 100k students in the next one year. NEETPrep product will be a key instrument to drive the above growth. Majority of our current users are based in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Imagine a girl child living in a slum house whose father is a rickshaw puller. We want to empower her with means to fullfill her dream of becoming a doctor. To serve the above girl child and all the children whose dreams are bigger than their privilege allows them to be, we are currently in the process of transitioning our product to become the means and serve as a companion in the long journey that awaits them to realize their dream. Come build out the product that will empower the next generation of doctors India will get to see. In what ways will growth occur for you? You will be able to: Play cross-function roles - at NEETPrep engineers get to interact with customers and work with the growth team, customer success understands how the product works and what technical limitations might arise. We own our area, but we understand the overall product, the problem domain and customers as well. Understand how anything scales - we have found product-market fit and are currently in the growth phase. Hence you will have first-hand experience of how a product scales and learn how a company is built and scaled from the ground up. Compound your learning curve - working with A+ players, you will be pushed to your extremes in the job. Become the best at what you do - with clear success paths defined at t+30, t+60, t+90 days you will be able to gain leverage and measurement inside the company. As a natural consequence, you will be earning social capital outside the company. Become a strong willed person by becoming a value creator.
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Frontend Engineer

Posted 3 weeks ago
  • 1+ years of experience in building and shipping product/product features that solve a user need.
  • Creative - have a design taste + empathy for users.

Backend Engineer

Posted 1 month ago

NEETprep is looking for ambitious, analytical & result-driven software engineers to join our founding team. You will be instrumental in scaling the core product as we add new features and verticals.


Analytics Engineer

Posted 1 month ago

We exist in reality, not opinions. Data forms the backbone that affords existence in the former.