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Building uncompromising blockchain infrastructure for the Decentralized Internet.



Jeremy Hall

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Manasi Vora

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Steve Funk

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Jacob Johnston

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Graduated top 25% at #1 High School in Arkansas - Work experience: MIT, Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, Landme.org, Formlabs Inc.
Core Dev at Nebulous
Engineering / Design / Sales

Eddie Wang

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Founder @Luxor Technologies • Previously at @MyEtherWallet @42 Technologies, @Scotiabank. Productizing Blockchain.

Matthew James Sevey

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Software Engineer @nebuloushq

Zach Herbert

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COO @Nebulous Dropped out of @Harvard Business School Mechanical Engineer @Boston University

Board members and advisors

Drew Volpe

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Partner, @First Star Ventures Fmr cofounder/CTO @Locately (acq'd by SMG), VP Dev @Semantic Machines (acq'd by Microsoft), @Endeca (acq'd by Oracle). Harvard CS.