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We are a team of decentralization enthusiasts. We believe strongly that people should be in control of their own lives, and increasingly this is not the case. Single corporations often own your documents, your connections, your media, your data. We are working to take back control and re-decentralize the Internet.

Sia, our first project, is aimed at providing a cloud storage service that leaves the user in control. Sia is a fully decentralized platform, meaning there is no single point of control (even by its creators). This is made possible by blockchain technology – Sia is the first major non-financial application of blockchain tech, and the first decentralized storage network.

We launched Obelisk, our second project, to shine a light of transparency into the opaque cryptocurrency mining ecosystem and offer a trusted alternative to the existing China-based monopoly. Since then, we have designed, manufactured, and shipped over 10,000 miners to customers across the world – all produced in the USA.

Our team is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, both in hardware and software. We're also ambitious. Sia aims to be the backbone storage layer of the Internet and Obelisk aims to be the largest producer of cryptocurrency-related hardware. And we have ideas for many future projects, ranging from stablecoins to prediction markets to meshnets.

To reach these goals, we are building a team of like-minded individuals who envision a more decentralized world. At Nebulous you will join a talented, collaborative, and supportive team that takes pride in its work and seeks to have a significant impact. So if you’re looking for a place to grow your career and be a leading force in the blockchain industry, join us!


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