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A decentralized platform for sharing genomic data

A decentralized platform for sharing genomic data

Nebula Genomics is a well-funded, early stage startup building a platform for the sharing of genetic data and other health data. Our platform will ultimately allow people and large institutions such as biobanks to upload their whole genomes (full DNA sequence) as well as other health information and share this data with researchers anonymously and securely in exchange for payment. Our goal is to remove the roadblocks that are currently preventing researchers from fully leveraging genomic data in order to better understand what our DNA says about us, power healthcare discoveries, and bring about an era of more personalized medicine. We envision a world where every individual will have the opportunity to have their genome sequenced for free or at a low cost and healthcare providers will be able to use that information to provide more personalized medical care. To learn more about us, check out nebula.org

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Nathaniel Tucker

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Founder, data scientist, teacher
Chief Scientific Officer at Nebula Genomics

Armon Rahim

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Harvard graduate, Computational Biology at UCSF, Repeat Entrepreneur, Y Combinator Fellowship.