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Mobile cloud service for Spaces, real-time interaction mediums on mobile


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Vic Singh

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Founding General Partner @EniacVentures. Founder and CEO @Kanvas.

Raj Singh

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CEO of @Loop Team Previously @Tempo AI, @Allthecooks, @Skyfire, @Veeker and others

Brian Long

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Head of App Engagement at Twitter Previously CEO & Co-Founder at TapCommerce (Acquired by Twitter in June 2014 after raising $11M+) UPENN BA, NYU MBA (On-Leave)

Boris Fridman

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Mobile media, advertising, and technology executive

Nihal Mehta

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Founding General Partner @Eniac Ventures, over 150 mobile-first investments + 15 years operating experience (founded 5 startups) across the mobile ecosystem.

Tim Young

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Founding General Partner at @Eniac Ventures

James N Perry Jr

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Hadley Harris

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Seed Stage Investor - Founding Partner @Eniac Ventures. Two time entrepreneur @Vlingo & @Thumb