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Make your offline ads count. Reach offline audience with a click

Make your offline ads count. Reach offline audience with a click

NearBuzz is an advertising platform for offline media agencies and outdoor digital screen networks, powered by Computer Vision technology for Audience Analytics and IoT for real-time place context. We enable brands and agencies to run interactive campaigns on outdoor digital displays, with programmable context based triggers for real-time targeted Ads. We provide audience insights and metrics to analyse the effectiveness of the campaign. Our solution helps brands and agencies to - 1. Target: Define target audience and deliver targeted content in real-time using IoT based context engine. 2. Engage: Build interactive campaigns to engage and collect data using our interaction technology. 3. Analyse: Get audience insights (age, gender, emotions, attention span etc.) with our audience analytics engine.

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Soham Sarkar

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Co-Founder at Nearbuzz, Investor, Business Development, Blockchain Enthusiast
Founder @NearBuzz, Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, Strategic Thinker. Lead teams and programmes across geographies. High on Ideas. Studied at IITK and IIMB.