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Trillions of dollars are wasted every year because students have no conclusive way to determine the optimal set of courses, learning/training methodologies, colleges/universities. Most of them discover much later that they are in academic or professional field that does not leverage their strengths at all, changing career amounts to all the time, effort and resources lost that students have invested in for years. EdificationHub combines the power of data science and machine learning to build College Connector™ which will solve this problem for students in the most comprehensive manner starting from unraveling the natural strengths, attitude and motivations for an individual student to suggesting the most optimal set of examinations, courses and colleges that will leverage all their strengths.
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Senior Software Engineer

Navigus is looking for a Senior Software Engineer with 4-6 years of experience; one who has what it takes to own and power highly dynamic and robust technology products; one who is prepared to roll up his sleeves on any given day and takes pride in building systems end-to-end. We care not for mar...