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Transforming government services to become simple, effective, and accessible to all

Transforming government services to become simple, effective, and accessible to all

Nava is a public benefit corporation working to radically improve how government serves people. Formed as a team of designers and engineers in the effort to fix HealthCare.gov in 2013, Nava now works with Medicare and the Department of Veterans Affairs. With a strong research practice and a depth of experience scaling digital services, Nava helps more than sixty million people access critical government services. As a public benefit corporation, Nava measures itself by its social impact: enrolling millions in healthcare and saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. We’re thinkers and designers of civic technology. We work holistically across engineering, research, design, and operations to proactively envision the services of a better future. We build with empathy and inclusion, and as we come from many backgrounds and countries ourselves, we seek and value different perspectives. We’d love for you to come join us.

Software Engineer (DC, SF, NYC)

Infrastructure Engineer (DC, SF, NYC, Remote)

Security Engineer (DC, SF, NYC, Remote)

Cloud Architect (DC / NY / SF / Remote / Any)

Senior Security Engineer (DC, SF, NYC, Remote)

Network Manager, Hybrid Cloud (DC, SF, NYC, Remote)

Engineering Apprenticeship: Software Engineer (DC, SF, NYC, Remote)

Design Apprenticeship: Designer/Frontend Engineer

Loren Yu

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Stanford CS, HCI; Product manager at Kanjoya, tech lead at Skillshare; Joined tech surge to help revive healthcare.gov; Founded Nava, PBC

Christian Monaghan

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Redesigning critical government services used by millions of Americans, from Healthcare.gov to Medicare to Veterans Affairs.

Rohan Bhobe

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CEO & Co-founder Nava PBC; HealthCare.gov recovery team; experienced growth product manager; developer of a US top 5 iOS app; MS/BS Stanford EE, Mayfield Fellow
Fascinated by tech startups, social entrepreneurship, and everything else.

Sha Hwang

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i want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now


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