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Cinematography and Design graduate. Worked as marketing manager in Under Armour Mexico. Interested In Production, Photography, Marketing.

Karen Garcia

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Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, Mentor.
International Relations Degree. Focus on the international business field, vulnerable groups national and international and the work done by NGO.

Lilian Lemus

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Experienced professional with more than 10 years of experience in Corporate Communications, Chief of Community Operations in Nauroo. Worked at Lenovo and IBM.
Co Founder and General Manager @KidSit by Nauroo

Board members and advisors

Debasish Karmakar

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Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, Mentor.

Andres Torres

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Co Founder and General Manager @KidSit by Nauroo

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Alfonso Vieyra

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Oscar Huerta

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Manas Mishra

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