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Better Brain = Better Life

eCommerce CMO (Shopify)

$90k – $125k • 0.01% – 1.0%
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Every day thousands of people around the world choose Natural Stacks to build a better brain and better life.

We’re rapidly growing online, in-store and international.

Right now our eCommerce operation is like a John Wick Ford Mustang that was just purchased at auction.

Yes, it's nice and fast already but the potential of this thing with a tune-up and a little work... *sheesh! *

(if that was a bad analogy, I apologize. not a car guy)

Position Overview

You're a CTO (80%) + Growth Hacker (20%) + Maestro!

I say Maestro because you're responsible for orchestrating our systems and workflows in perfect synergy, synchrony, harmony and (insert other buzzword here).

The right candidate should be big, bold and unfraid of getting down and dirty in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or fixing integrations with third-party vendors like ReCharge, Carthook, or Smile.io.

Technical experience with Shopify Plus, Shopify Scripts, Shopify API is a must.

*Growth Hacking (aka marketing) is the other 20%. *

If you want to run experiments that bring instant feedback, real results and real evenue... then this is the right place for you.

Here's an example:

A funnel we're running is adding ~ 100 customers per day at ~2.1x ROAS.

These customers haven't even seen the Shopify site yet.

What would you do to increase LTV? Add an offer for continuity? Change the post purchase email flow? Run an SMS campaign?

This should get your brain firing. It's a lot of fun.

Note: If you do not have marketing experience, but are eager to learn this is something you'll pick up on FAAAAST.


  • 5+ years in Shopify Plus Development / eCommerce experience
  • Relentlessly high standards for performance and organization
  • Ability to thrive in start-up environment aka being unafraid to do the work
  • Above average cornhole skills or willingness to learn how to play cornhole
  • Located in sometimes sunny Seattle, WA

Hit reply and tell us what you've been up to and why this is a good fit for everyone.

Natural Stacks at a glance

Better Brain = Better Life

Natural Stacks focuses on E-Commerce, Health and Wellness, Subscription Businesses, and Dietary Supplements. Their company has offices in Seattle. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://naturalstacks.com or find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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