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Jesse Haff

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Co-Founder & VP of Design at @NationBuilder, software designed to power your organizations, movements, and campaigns. Drummer of Daylight Dies and Gökböri.


Jolynn Braswell

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Technical/Product Writer - Documentation Manager - Educator - RFP Manager

Katie Angelo

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Front End Web Developer. Located in Boston. Able to work remotely. Available for relocation.

Neal Ferrazzani

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A vision-driven, Senior-level Technology, Product, and Engineering Specialist with significant “in-the-trenches” experience ramping start-ups to success.

Irene Pang

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Results driven sales executive focused on maximizing sales and exceeding quota through prospecting, pipeline development and strategic relationships.

Hamza Syed

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Product Manager with ability to understand complex systems through quantitative and qualitative data and transform those insights into streamlined processes.

Matthew Lane

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I’m an entrepreneurially-minded self-starter, ardent problem solver, and enemy of the status quo.

Marquise Hudson

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Steven Ke

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Data enthusiast with a passion in machine learning Director of Analytics at NationBuilder

Sorcha Rochford

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Worked @dsg and now @NationBuilder. Studied for my undergrad in Portsmouth, UK and Masters in Boston, MA. London Irish Lady living in LA.

Greg Remillard

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Worked at BlueJeans Network , NationBuilder. Went to California State University, Chico

Michael Dennis

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Past @ Apple, travel tech, Congress, PA legislature, & a presidential campaign. Studied philosophy. Bonus: meditation & yoga teacher.

Sofia Lopez Singleton

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HR Manager @NationBuilder

Marquise Hudson

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Young professional with experience in customer operations, learning and development, and diversity and inclusion at companies such as Uber and Snapchat.

Jazmine Dusenberry

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Efficient and effective Implementation Manager at NationBuilder.

Michael Simoes-McArtor

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Nutrition Expert, Website Developer, Photographer, Worked for Geek Squad
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Board members and advisors

Ramin Bastani

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CEO of Healthvana

Lea Endres

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Sean Parker

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Founder @Airtime
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Former team

Ryan Erato

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Tim Chan

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Gilad Salmon

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Theodore Kinch

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Brian Tippy

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Dustin Ngo

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