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A Personal CRM that analyses your email interactions, provides insights and more!

Co-Founder - Technical

$0k – $2k • 20.0% – 33.3%
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We’re looking for a third co-founder to join our little team.

We’re building a relationship management tool, also called a personal CRM. Our vision is to use our customer’s data (contact books, emails & calendar) to build a smart algorithm that understands relationships (for ex. Is our customer close with this contact?) and use this insight to help our customers to grow & maintain great relationships with their network. This can be achieved is many different ways that we’re still figuring out.

Up to now, we’ve built a first version of the app → nat.app and have around 100 users. We’re very early stage but are growing daily.

We’ve also received some seed funding from the EPFL.ch & Pioneer.app. It’s just enough to cover our fixed costs and to afford some basic travel.

Travel, because we’re a remote team. One of us is located in Egypt and the other in Switzerland. We enjoy working remotely but know that we need to meet in real from time to time.


As our userbase grows and our partnerships evolve, we’re looking for a second technical person to assist Ebrahim, our CTO and co-founder. Having more resources will allow us to build new features quicker and be more competitive.

We’re all hackers and doers. So that’s what we’re looking for: a young, cool person that is creative and hacks herself through stuff.

As long as we’re not profitable, we don’t expect our team members to work full time, and we can’t offer to pay them for now. Ideally, we’d like to give you a third of the shares, to equally divide decision power between the team. We’ll figure something out with you to achieve this :)

Please email us at careers@nat.app with a little note on yourself :) We get too many spam applicants through Angelist..