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Data Anyone Can Use

Data Anyone Can Use

Narrator is data company that fundamentally changes the way that people approach problems.

As a company scales, making decisions with data requires a single data model. Narrator empowers our clients to understand their customers, ask questions only data can answer, and analyze data across all their systems using our proprietary Universal Data Model.

For each of our clients, we pipeline all of their data sources into a data warehouse and transform all of this data into one model: customers doing actions (the Universal Data Model). Given the simplicity and consistency of this data model, our clients can ask complex questions across their entire data system.

Narrator's AI, will enable any client to ask "Does this data matter?" and get an in depth "story": analysis with plots, descriptions, and insights backed by data science expertise. Having every company use the same data model enables us to build a library of algorithms that any client can leverage, thus truly democratizing data.

Ahmed Elsamadisi

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Experienced Data Engineer who determined to change the way we use data to approach problems.

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