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Founder of Narrative I/O. Previously at Tapad, Adobe, Demdex, and Yahoo!.


Zeke Sexauer

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Marketing Manager at Narrative I/O

Tina Zhuo

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Data geek turned Product Manager at Narrative I/O

Marko Babic

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Software Engineering Consultant at Narrative I/O

Andrew K

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Software Engineer at Narrative I/O

Aaron Zarabi

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Partner Success Manager at Narrative I/O

Joey Giudici

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Office Operations Manager at Narrative I/O
Founder of Narrative I/O. Previously at Tapad, Adobe, Demdex, and Yahoo!.
Growing and Scaling Narrative
Currently VP, Partner Success @ Narrative. Formerly LiveRamp, Turner, Google.
General Partner, Kohala Ventures Founder & Partner, Ignite Advisors ex.Yahoo, MSFT, Disney, @@Home Syndicate: https://angel.co/l/27r81s
Former journalist turned engineer. Functional programmer and data engineer who has worked across the stack.

Andrew Slome

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Head of Revenue at Narrative. Former head of Sales, BD and Strategy for Tapad. Ex-24/7 Real Media.
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Damon Cronkey

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General Partner at XSeed Capital, Former Yahoo, Former SurveyMonkey, Husband, Dad, Phillies Fan

Joey Tran

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Former team

sara livingston

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Beka Baidarashvili

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