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Connecting people and companies through pictures

Connecting people and companies through pictures

Nanopop is a crowdsourcing picture-based web and mobile platform for market research, brand engagement and cause engagement.
Nanopop encourages its users to earn money by taking pictures for different researches/campaigns.
Nanopop enables its clients (through our website) to easily assemble a market research/campaign. These researches/campaigns are run on our mobile application and target the right people (age/gender/marital status etc.) in the right place (location-based) at the right time.
Nanopop enables having private campaigns, location based campaigns, working offline, gathering user data, different payment methods and many other advanced functionalities.
An example of a market research could be a beverage company that wants to know what soft drinks people prefer in Brazil. The users will take a picture of their favorite drink. The company will then receive a textual, graphical and geographical report showing what people like to drink, segmented by different demographics.

Felipe Ouro Preto

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Worked as a Systems Architect for Wilson, Sons, founded LaNaLapa.com.br, TodoRio.com and Nanopop.

Eyal Ben-Ze'ev

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Co-founder & COO of nanopop. Experienced in management in a thchnological ecosystem. Worked at IAI. M.Sc, MBA, Singularity University graduate.

Estelle Rinaudo

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French/italian. Studied international economics & management. Singularity University Alumni. Co-founded Amuseworld (transmedia entertainment) & Nanopop (Mobile)

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