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Payments Reimagined

Full-Stack Java & JavaScript Developers

$50k – $100k • 0.2% – 0.5%
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We are developing a next generation crypto-currency and payments platform from the ground up, with the goal of making payments cheaper, faster, and more secure.


We are focused on 4 use cases:

B2B payments
Cross Border Payments
Pure Digital Cash
Settlement in Capital Markets

About You

You’re dedicated, resourceful and love to code, solve problems, and get things done. You don’t mind defying convention in the pursuit of excellence. You’re ready for an exciting new challenge in shaping the future of payments and money.

The only hard requirement is an aptitude for thinking, learning, and coding. However, the following are all beneficial: Java, Javascript, Swift, Smalltalk, Lisp, mobile or web UX, Linux/Unix, SQL, NoSQL, data-structures, design patterns, MVC, concurrency, authentication, cryptography, payment systems, unit testing, a strong Computer Science background, and a history of open-source contributions.

Working at nanopay provides an extraordinary opportunity for growth and education. Learn model-driven software development, advanced design patterns and data-structures, object-functional programming, Reactive-MVC, and many techniques for creating ultra-high-performance systems.

Learn to use Google’s FOAM Modelling Framework to generate >90% of your application code for you, freeing you from writing boilerplate and enabling you to gain meaningful experience much more quickly. Learn to create fast apps fast. youtube.com/watch?v=PsFLlgrzn2E

Join nanopay and help invent the future.

(Please provide your github handle if you have one.)