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Machine Learning as a Service for Developers



Entrepreneur @Craftsvilla.com | Founder @BLINGE | Ex-Schlumberger
Worked at Policybazaar.com
Cofounder - Leaf Technologies , Technical Architect - Smaaash Innovations , Graduated from IIT Bombay

Parv Oberoi

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I have extensive background in working at the intersection of ML and infrastructure. Primarily providing ML as a Service for all internal ranking teams.

Diwakar Kumar

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Frontend Developer
Optimizing hiring by identifying right people for the right job!

Rushabh Nagda

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Footballer; Backend, DevOps and Distributed systems ; Data processing platforms; Top Coder Rating 1199;

Shiva Manne

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Deep Learning Engineer at NanoNets (YC W17), ML | DL, BITS Pilani Graduate | B.E. Computer Science | M.Sc. Economics
CSE Grad@ IIT Patna. NodeJS Developer. Love solving problems revolving around efficiently storing, retrieving & moving huge volumes of data. Startup enthusiast.

Atish Patel

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering from IIT Kanpur. Experienced in Machine Learning with in-depth knowledge of application of Deep Learning in NLP, CV.
Co-founder at Vahanalytics | BITS-Pilani | Past experience at Credit Suisse and PwC

Sarthak Jain

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Founder and CEO @NanoNets, Cofounded @Cubeit sold to @Myntra (now part of Flipkart), Gold Medal @Iit Gandhinagar (EE+CS)

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