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The Machine Learning API. Try it at nanonets.com

Individual companies still build their own Machine Learning models. Oracle changed the databased market by changing the market from building databases to defining database schema. Machine Learning will go through the transformation where companies only define Input and Output. We want to be the company to create that change.

We started the company in December 2016, went to YC in Jan 2017. Raised our Seed round in March 2017. We were declared as one of the top companies in YC this batch by TechCrunch.

Widespread Machine Learning adoption requires 2 things to change. ML models should be built with less data and require little to no research knowledge to build a model. Machine Learning practitioners will move from Data Scientists to every single Developer.

Read more here : medium.com/nanonets/nanonets-how-to-use-deep-learning-when-you-have-limited-d…
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UI/UX/Product Designer

We are looking for a UI/UX/Product designer that can work on our current webapp, interview our current users and design easy to use interfaces. Responsibilities 1) Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers 2) Illustrate design ideas using...