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Nana is up-skilling the 10M people who will lose their jobs because of tech automation


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Ryan McKillen

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Uber engineering since 2010. Lately, product in our autonomous vehicles group.

Kevin Novak

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Data Scientist at @Uber. Bourbon, cigars, tech, startups, SF, MI, sports, witty banter, not-so-witty banter. My own corner of the internet.

Matt Sweeney

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Conrad Whelan

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Founding Engineer @Uber

Oliver Nicholas

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Software Engineer. Trained @Ooga Labs, honed @Yelp, battle-hardened @Uber, building the future of work @nana-io-1. They call me bigo.

Ron Monatlik

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Douglas Abrams

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prolific angel investor in cloud, social, bio tech, SaaS and big data.

Adam Sah

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CTO and angel ex Google techlead 3 startup IPOs Startup execution junky: code, 24x7 ops, recruiting, busdev.
I am a serial angel and early stage investor in a number of primarily Bay-Area companies, many of which I also advise.
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