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Enterprise Point of Sale and Appointment Scheduling System for Chains and Franchises



Ehsanul Hoque

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Alex Holden

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Collin Brown

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Emanuel Nedelcu

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I love learning new things and solve difficult problems.

Vlad Covaliov

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6 years full-stack development experience with Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, SQL, NoSQL, Redis and any many others.

Dawn Savukinas-Poulos

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Fernando Cezar Bunn

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Working with iOS since 2008, passionate about using technology to improve people’s life.

Robert Gregory

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Full stack developer @MyTime

Board members and advisors

Darby Sieben

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RBC Ventures, former agency president, vp of strategy & partnerships, M&A, avid reader, startup investor, people connector, tech nerd, loves cocker spaniels
Founder of Evertoon.  CTO of Minted 2010-2014.  Founded Google Lively, cofounded Google Desktop. Led Gmail Ads and Flight Simulator FX.

Mark Suster

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General partner, @Upfront Ventures & 2x entrepreneur. Sold Koral to @Salesforce

Former team

Jason Lopez

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Alan Federman

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Dan Drew

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Sean Anderson

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Ying Wang

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Tai Tran

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