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We started Mystery.org to enable children to quickly find answers to all their questions--and not just any answers, but answers that wow them and encourage them to keep exploring. As adults, we find answers on the internet: problem solved. But kids can’t access this treasure trove of information the way we can: answers aren’t often made for them. We’re setting out to create the internet for children and stocking it with explanations that wow--so that during their years of peak eagerness to learn and wonder, their questions get answered, their curiosity gets stoked, and they are excited to learn more.

We started by answering the 150 most common science questions children ask teachers, and now 1 out of every 5 children in the US has used Mystery Science. Building on this foundation we’re now ready to broaden our reach into US homes, into international markets--and to build the tools and community that will enable us to scale our approach to answer thousands of questions each year. We’re on a mission to help create the next generation of problem solvers!
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Senior Software Engineer, Fullstack

Posted yesterday
  • You love working in and have deep experience with the full web stack. From cross-browser CSS fixes to database tuning, you’re comfortable up and down the stack.
  • You know that having the right tests is more impactful than just having tests.