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A Faith First Company...

A Faith First Company...

My Shared faith is the first Greeting/Gift specialty service that ties in the human need to share. The goal of the company is the make a large impact on the community by purchasing our product. We focus on the niche market of those going through crisis, with the understanding that everyone goes through crisis at some point in their life. The card fills the gap when verbal words are not enough. We are fighting for the company to be well known world wide. Our target audience is hospital gift shops but are extending to the local community through a department called the CARES team which will focus on consumer sales and promotion.

The product has responded well in the hospitals in Alabama and we have been approached to expand nationally to companies like QVC. We are excited about the next year but need the funds to under gird our plans. We are truly a start up that needs advisers and angel investors to ensure success. Funds will be used for marketing and supply for Net30 accounts.

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