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An expert-led community changing the conversation around fertility

An expert-led community changing the conversation around fertility

We’re Parla. Our mission is to revolutionize women’s health. For too long, women’s health has been a black box, with little support for women struggling to conceive, experiencing baby loss, getting to grips with period challenges like PCOS or struggling with menopause symptoms. We believe every woman has the right to accessible, convenient care and information about her body. Founded in 2018, Parla (originally named "Adia") is born from a deeply personal story: our CEO’s struggles with conception and loss inspired her to change the reactive nature of women's health care. . Backed by Zinc VC, Seedcamp and the UK’s leading investors, Parla is growing its world-class team of specialists and medical advisors from leading institutions like Imperial College London, and King’s College London. Our co-founders have decades of experience building successful teams and businesses, navigating the world of raising venture capital and growth.

Technical Lead / VP of Engineering

Lina Chan

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CEO at Adia. We're revolutionising reproductive health to be proactive, data-driven and personalised with expert support. We're hiring!

Tyler Christie

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Formerly CEO of AMEE, which I led to a successful exit. Raised capital from top VCs including USV, OATV and Amadeus. Various product-focused executive roles.

Rose Acton

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Co-founder Adia Health. Founder on Zinc VC programme. Policy, comms & research background - how tech can solve social problems as the theme. Tweets @roseacton
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