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Optimity is building the world’s largest network of people who are measurably healthier

Optimity is building the world’s largest network of people who are measurably healthier

We apply behavioral science through gamification, incentives, and the power of communities to nudge consumers in making better, healthier choices. As a B2B platform, our large health community becomes a cost-effective lead-gen funnel. Our first set of clients are life insurance companies: Acquisition economics in life insurance are painfully wasteful: 70% of their total cost is spent on acquiring new policyholders. Our products help them acquire high-quality leads at the lowest cost, dramatically improving their acquisition economics. Huge TAM: The top 10 US life insurance companies spend ~$6B each per year on customer acquisition (marketing awareness, lead generation, and sales conversion). They rely on traditional channels (TV, stadium sponsorships, google/Facebook ads) that are experiencing a decline in effectiveness as they are not focused on finding health-conscious consumers. Insurance companies know they need to innovate and find alternatives to these undifferentiated advertisements, and are looking for insurtech technologies and services to help with their ability to engage their most valuable leads more cost-effectively. How: Optimity helps insurance companies attract healthy customers, and keep them healthy, happy and engaged in a useful way to increase their lifetime value. Moat: The scale of our user base is exploding (we have over 1.3M users with verified emails). We are gathering a rich and unique set of longitudinal data on consumers and are training ML models with this data to uncover propositions for our customers to sell more insurance, virally generate leads, and advance underwriting.

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Modern professionals are seeking help to stay healthy & productive: At Optimity, we help you decrease risk of chronic issues with daily micro-exercises at work.

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