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Revealing the personality behind candidates resumes through video and deep analytics!

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To put the personality back into the application process. We base our decisions on limited surface data that does not tell the full story. myInterview's goal is to reveal the person behind their applications by using cutting edge technology through video and AI to surface key words and personality traits to make effective hiring decisions.
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Full-Stack Developer

  • 3+ years experience with Full-Stack JS (nodeJS and Vue / React ideal)
  • Start-up minded, ability to think in an agile way and be a natural problem solver.

Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist

Revealing the personality behind the paper. myInterview is a fast-growing software company in the recruitment technology space.


Sales Development Representative

What you need to know:

· Well-funded Tel Aviv<>Sydney based startup in growth mode
· Product is a Video-interviewing technology with a serious competitive advantage
· On track to become the market-leader

What's in it for you

· Above-average pay
· S...