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Multi-talented, Multi-faceted Graphic Designer for Ground-Level Opportunity

$12k – $45k β€’ 0.0% – 3.0%
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Have you felt like you always had exceptional design talent? Does design come naturally for you, flowing like a river? Do you sense the spirit of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Rembrandt inside you?

We've been working for years building a feature rich collaborative multimedia social network. Architecturally its beauty is unmatched! We need someone who will make that beauty shine through in the design, something that needs love.

Our mission is to bring something beautiful and meaningful to peoples lives; something that will support their success as a person. We have the "meaningful" locked down, now we need you to make it beautiful.

We're looking for someone who can do a variety of digital design tasks including website design, illustration, website advertisements, fonts, web layouts, and photo manipulation. If you do not know all of the aforementioned then you should be someone who is bold enough to learn quickly and do it anyway. There should be nothing outside of your skillset related to digital design that you cannot do (except things like designing clothes, of course πŸ˜‰). Yes we're looking for a unicorn because we ourselves are a unicorn.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you will get equity ownership in exchange for your time and talent with minimal salary compensation to start. As we grow your salary compensation will gradually be increased to market rate + bonuses.

Must be in the New York tri-state area. Must demonstrate your ability to do great work either by portfolio or proof of concepts. Must be a go-getter with a love for creativity.

If you're ready make the most important decision in your life, come join us and lets create something that millions will come to love being part of their daily lives!

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