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Want to build a large brand focussed on great customer experience with a strong retained community? Join us! We are looking for super enthusiastic people with strong understanding of design. We have flexible work hours, we are fairly flexible in terms of work location (within Delhi-NCR) and we follow a target driven work style. Lets build something super big and awesome together!!
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Graphic Design-Intern

Posted 5 months ago
  • Ideate and create fresh innovative designs for offline and digital collaterals - social media posts, branded products, paid ad creatives, emailers, offline branding, etc.
  • Strategize and develop the visual imagery of myHQ so that the brand is perceived as millennial, quirky, trendy, and trust-worthy

Senior Backend Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

myHQ is looking for experienced, enthusiastic software engineers to join our core team. You'll work across our broad range of products, both internal and customer-facing while also brain-storming on prototyping new products.


Community & Events Manager

Posted 2 months ago

Do you love interacting with new people? Are you someone who can keep a group of strangers so engaged that they forget they are meeting for the first time?


Blog & Content Strategist

Posted 2 months ago

Do you believe in the statement "A pen is mightier than a sword"? Can you create engaging content?



Posted 1 month ago
  • Track marketplace clearances, Incoming cash flows, ageing of invoices
  • Streamline expenses and operations

Ground Operation Executive

Posted 5 months ago
  • Operation Support : Ensuring smooth running of ground operations across all the space in the designated area
  • Customer Issue Resolution: Basic customer resolution for any queries, issues they face at our locations and making sure that they are resolved with in the TAT.

Sales Associate

Posted 3 weeks ago

Role and Responsibilities:
1) Focus on converting prospective leads into clients
2) Establish first connect with the client. Convince them to come for a trial / demo of our spaces
3) Maintain follow-ups over calls to keep building the sales pipeline
4) Keep the team informed about the pulse of th...


Space Community Manager

Posted 2 weeks ago

You will be the face of the company at our centres.

Roles and responsibilities:

Ensure the property is fully operational and processes are running smoothly
Manage housekeeping staff to ensure streamlined space operations
Work with Ops team to resolve and upgrade operational technology systems


Manager- Advisory and Transactions Services

Posted 9 months ago

This profile is mainly inclined towards catering to our growing enterprise client base and their needs. As they expand with us, there is a need to provide custom ready to move in offices for teams of size: 20-100.