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JOIN THE FAMILY! JOIN THE REVOLUTION! Hi, if you’re reading this it’s because our title caught your attention. Meaning we have 10 seconds to wow you. We’re looking for a fearless, and high energy CTO who wants to build something that will change the way people buy products, from the ground up. And wants to secure their financial future FOREVER. You will be responsible for overseeing the ROBOT RETAILING platform development and as the company grows, all IT and technical resources will report to you. What is a Robot Retailer you ask? It looks like a touchscreen vending machine, but it’s really THE revolution in retail that uses software to combine elements of traditional retailers, and e-commerce into smart, intelligent, aware automated Robot Retail locations. Think Blade Runner or Star Trek and that's the future we're building for (Minus the negative stuff *cough cough* Blade Runner) We’re a young company, focused on the university demographic and we provide an opportunity to influence our platform and grow with us. You will receive a significant portion of the company in exchange for your 100% commitment to helping us innovate a new customer experience. We call ourselves a family because we have a set of family values we all live by and we want to make everyone who joins the family feel important, we need to be in this together for us to succeed. Please send us a quick note on why you would be a good fit and what Robot Retailing could look like in the future (How do you envision this future, can be specific of vague either way be creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box) Note to help your application: Try and look at what we're building from a completely different perspective then 99% of the population and come at us from this perspective. CONTEXT: We're a software company first and foremost, retailer second.

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