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The Freest Music

The Freest Music

Musicoin ($MUSIC) defines a new way to consume music and reward creators. It is designed to solve the simple but long-hauled problem in industry - how to make music openly consumed, at the same time remunerate music creators. Musicoin defined a new blockchain usage as a global ledger to enable musicians to register profiles and release their content. Once the artist releases their music, there will be a "smart contract" to regulate the listeners to pay for each playback, which is called Pay-Per-Play (PPP). In this unique process, musicians will receive the maximum reward (100%) while listeners just "pay as you go" instead of overpaying with subscriptions monthly. The global music industry, under this paradigm, would be expected to explode 5 -10X from its current scale as both demand and supply is considered. This is why many musicians are starting to call Musicoin the new economic model for music. So with musicoin, it's not only about disruption, it's construction.

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