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Your local community of mums

Your local community of mums

Mush is a local social network for mums, started by mums Sarah & Katie in April 2016 as a way for mums to meet other local mums with kids the same age. It has since evolved to be a community for all mums around the UK.

Founded by Sarah & Katie, Mush now has 100,000s of mums on the app and a small team based in Battersea.

Mush is a great place to work (we would say that!) with a tight team. We are bonded by our mission to make mums’ lives more brilliant and the need to make our work and personal lives work. We are parents here, and understand our market. We don’t require this of candidates of course, but the job may be more interesting for you if you are one.

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Sarah Hesz

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Co-founder of Mush, we've raised £1m in our first year and have huge plans. Previously worked in Adland.
Founder of Mush, previously a derivatives broker in the City (TFS).


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2 rounds

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Seed (Nov 2016)