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Enabling robot creators

Enabling robot creators

MUSE is democratizing robotics by enabling small teams of developers to build high performance robots at a faster pace without the need for heavy capital investment. We provide the core building blocks which are common in any robot: the motion control electronics/motors, the power management and standard sensors, all of which are connected together in a Plug&Play manner. On the software side, we provide an open source, user friendly API and support for Robot Operating System (ROS), the most established software platform for robotics. Basically we provide the hardware and the means to control it using a few lines of code.

Giannis Roussos

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Founder MUSE Robotics Mechanical Engineer & PhD in Robotics & Control @ National Tecnical University of Athens, Private R&D as Embedded Systems Engineer
Inventor and builder of several bio-robots (e.g. Pleurobot). PhD and Post-Doc in Robotics at EPFL MsC in EE from TUC. Co-Founder and Mech. Eng. @MUSE Robotics.
phD candidate at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications (UoA-Greece). Senior researcher and software engineer. Co-founder/CTO at Muse Robotics.
Founder SkyRobotics • Hardware electronics expert, Studied Mechanical Engineering at @National Technical University Of Athens, background in robotics

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