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Building Engineering Teams and Talent In AI

Building Engineering Teams and Talent In AI

MUORO Infotech Inc. is a data management, data analytics and technology services company focusing on delivering cost-effective data management and data analytics solutions to the organizations around the globe. MUORO’s value proposition is to implement and integrate top technology solution, hence we follow the philosophy of decentralization and try to utilize existing resources with proven use cases,rather trying to create it from scratch. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel our aim is to make the execution simpler for the organization, that’s why we do rapid development based on our own methodologies that’s a mixture of SCRUM, AGILE, WATERFALL and CHAOS. On R&D front the team is working on an in-memory data structuring algorithm (datashelter), to organize the unstructured data into small packets for easy data management and data analytics.

Head Marketing & Sales

Senior Software Engineer

Manager Sales

Require Software Developer.

Head Digital Marketing

Growth Hacker

Sales and Business Development Manager (International)

Product Designer

Vyom Bhardwaj

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Founder Muoro Infotech. Technology Consultant specializing in data management, Product Managment, Business Analysis and Project Management.

Ankit Shukla

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Senior Backend Developer with Node-Mongo Stack