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Ross Mason

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Founder of MuleSoft. Investor, Advisor. Building a different VC with DIG Ventures.


Katie Baum

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Alex Li

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Technical enterprise software PM (AWS, MuleSoft), Investor, MBA

Rachel Biers

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Sales Manager specializing in Account Development, UC Berkeley alum

Steven Broudy

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Army Special Operations Sniper Team Leader ⇢ Tech Sales Leader at Bevy (bevylabs.com) 👕 Hawaiian shirt aficionado

Amy Li

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Passionate marketer and team player with a determined attitude to solve challenging problems in fast-paced environments.
Co-founder of Bubbles. Sales experience with software and telecom organisations. Master in Management @Telecom Business School
Seasoned Sales Professional & Full Stack Developer (SQL, Express, Angular, Node)

Maryam Kazerooni

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As a UI/UX designer I get to work with amazing people and make great products even better. I Love dissecting problems and stitching the pieces together.

Lucy Xu

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UC Berkeley graduate (2014), majored in Molecular & Cell Biology and Psychology

Dejim Juang

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Integration Specialist @MuleSoft | Developer | Traveler | Foodie | Runner | Swimmer | Father | Chicago Sports Fan

Shree Mandadi

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Board members and advisors

Gary Little

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Gary is a Founding Partner of Canvas. He has twice been named to the Forbes Midas List. He serves on the boards of firms such as Evernote, MuleSoft and ADARA.

Former team

Ashley Waxman

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Sandeep Madhur

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Ariel Jolo

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Irfan Baqui

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Gabe Richman

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Hannah Spiegel

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