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Emre Mangir

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Growth @Mozio Focused on helping get travelers to their final destination and allowing travel providers to provide door-to-destination solutions.
Founder @Maxwell  • Founder @Mozio@UCBerkeley EECS, @Skype, U.S./Estonian dual citizen, world traveler to 85 countries, FIRST Robotics, Angel Investor.


Ilia Kosynkin

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Passionate developer with 4+ years of experience in development for mobile platforms. Very interested in AI and Machine Learning.

Francisco Rivera

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Software Engineer

Oumayma Riabi

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Went to Tunis Business School

Georgina Gabriela Gallo

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Finances Analyst & Strategic Account Manager at Mozio

Antonio Lorenzo Adriano

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Juliana Kantor

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Customer Success at Mozio

Alejandro Debard

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Python Developer

Romina Cubria

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Customer Success at Mozio

Melina Ceballos

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Justyna Kawalec

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Travel addict curious about the whole world! I like flashes of sudden super-intelligence, inexplicable happiness, post-adrenaline euphoria, and some humor too!

Maria del Valle Miguel

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Worked at Mozio, America

Mariana Yacomini

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Jin Camèron Geslin

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Great affinities with languages, computers, design, people. Studied and been living in Korea for 2.5 years / Customer Support FR / EN / IT (Hertz, Air France)

Susana Zambrana

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Remote Customer Service Manager for Mozio.com Worked at Dichter and Neira, HS brands Caribbean-South America, Natural English. English-Spanish.

Edwin González

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Mobile engineer. Worked at Mozio. Experienced in Kotlin, Java and Flutter.
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Board members and advisors

UC Berkeley, Political Economy and Chinese. Full-stack web developer with Chinese business development experience
CEO, @Maven Research, Inc.
Invest in intelligent enterprise software as GP of @Zetta Venture Partners. Previously made fundraising happen on @AngelList. Co-founder of @Topguest (exited Dec 2011) & more.
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Former team

Hugo Pellissari Pavan

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Romina Simonetti

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Nitin Nair

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Nicolas Jakubowski

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Germán Zannier

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Joseph Metzinger

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