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Project 1533: Marketing & PR Expert Needed for All-Expense-Paid, Pro-Bono consulting project to support Artisan Collective in Mexico

$3k – $5k
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MovingWorlds is a social enterprise helping professionals volunteer their skills with organizations all over the world who are innovatively solving local issues. “Experteering” is the word we coined for skills-based volunteering - the combination of the words expertise + volunteering. It is the act of volunteering your expertise, skills, experience, and time with organizations that need it. You can learn more about the Experteering Process here.

It's been featured in WhyDev, SSIR, Devex, HBR, Forbes, FastCompany, and many more publications as a way to develop new skills and make a real impact!

MovingWorlds has partnered with Promotora Social Mexico to send an Experteer all expenses paid to experteer with an innovative social enterprise empowering artisan communities and their families in Mexico and soon the US as well.


We are a digitally native social enterprise brand that works with hundreds of indigenous artisans combining their traditional handcrafts with modern products and channels. Artisans involved with the brand are earning at least 300% more than before, and lifting themselves and their families out from under the poverty line.

The brand is growing fast in Mexico, and plans to enter the USA market next year after a few market tests we’ve conducted this year in LA and NY. We are searching for an Experteer with a strong PR & Communications background and knowledge of the US media space to help us prepare the brand's launch and maximize the chances of success.


-Assist the team in developing a strong PR & Communications strategy to launch the brand in the US.
-Develop a strong PR and Digital Marketing strategy to drive traffic to both the online and physical storefronts
-Search and connect with influencers & scope potential partnerships with brand ambassadors
-Look for a team willing to create and share content of the brand
-Create and distribute a Media Press Kit according to the US media criteria
-Develop a media database for the brand
-Prepare an advertisement strategy
-Analyze different PR agencies in the US for the follow up of the project
-Follow-up with all the projects through the duration of the pilot

1. Accommodation
Our offices are in the heart of Roma Norte, the hippest neighborhood in Mexico City. We can provide a nice Airbnb room in the neighborhood (we will send various options for the Experteer to choose), all within walking distance of the office.

2. Learning Opportunity
This project is a great opportunity for the selected candidate to learn:
-How a growing startup works
-How a social enterprise works
-How developing economies move
-How the different teams in the apparel/retail/e-commerce industry work


This project accepts applications for virtual experteers.

Please note that any salary listed below is not a cash stipend, but rather an estimate of the value of the international flight, accommodations for the duration of the project, and other non-cash benefits provided for the selected candidate.

View the full project listing on MovingWorlds platform here: movingworlds.org/browse/project/744/1533

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We build leaders behing grassroots, world-positive ideas

MovingWorlds focuses on Marketplaces, Ventures for Good, and Social Travel. Their company has offices in Seattle and Lisbon. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://movingworlds.org or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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