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We build leaders behing grassroots, world-positive ideas

We build leaders behing grassroots, world-positive ideas

MovingWorlds is a social impact organization addressing the global talent gap. Our online platform and community connects people who want to travel and volunteer their expertise directly with nonprofits, schools, and/or social enterprises around the world. We maintain quality by selectively sourcing professionals and organizations who then interact through our website to find each other and plan high-impact “Experteering” engagements. In addition, innovative corporations can leverage the same platform to create and manage worldwide skills-based volunteering programs for employees. As featured on Geekwire: geekwire.com/2014/movingworlds-opens-platform-help

Derk Norde

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Founder / Director at @MovingWorlds

Mark Horoszowski

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Co-founder at MovingWorlds.org. Auditor turned Marketer turned Social Innovator. Now promoting Experteering. Lectures on CSR at University of Washington