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Enabling Active Video on Mobile

Enabling Active Video on Mobile

Movi’s active video revolutionises the current state of static click to play static video. Unleashing the full potential of video on mobile by utilising all the capabilities of mobile - to touch, feel and play video actively.

Giving end-users superpowers to freely control video with the familiar gestures of modern smartphones. Instantly diving into any moment, replaying the best highlights and zooming into details.

You can now activate your audience to remix and share branded moments instantly anywhere and boost social content marketing for publishers.

Movi can upgrade existing and new mobile apps to active video, and works with your existing video content.

Instantly boosting app performance with content engagement, longer sessions, new transactions for shopping, learning and sharing- and unique insights to video attention.

As users are rewarded by interactive control they reveal their true opinions and attention to video content. Using artificial intelligence, Movi generates a feedback loop creating a deep understanding of how to optimise every playback session.

What to produce, what to present, what to monetise, what to create, why, how and to whom - knowing ahead of the user what will drive their attention and trigger their engagement. All in real time with Movi.

Eike Rösner

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After becoming an IT-specialist and studying media informatics. I'm using my skills to resolve the static limitations of today's video streaming.

Lars-Erik Ravn

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Problem Solver - Nerd - Co-Founder @Movi, @Worldview Innovations • Worked at @Outracks Technologies

Espen Bjarnø

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CTO and Co-Founder of MOVI. Cloud Solution Architect. Developer of custom video pipelines.

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