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Solve the problems of prolonged sitting

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This is your opportunity to learn more about how to run an early-stage startup via hands-on learning with an experienced mentor. The schedule and tasks will be personalized to you where possible. 10 hours per week required plus class.

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The product idea we are pursuing is to provide a solution to the problems of prolonged sitting. We are initially targeting computer workers with jobs that provide them discretionary time while working.

We have interviewed a dozen people and intend to interview two dozen more. We have built landing pages like this one focused on posture. We also have a working prototype with users.

Your first projects will be to collaborate with our co-founder in Portland, Oregon on doing interviews, testing concepts via website and monitoring user activity.

We are looking for an intern because we love helping others to learn and what we need help with requires no formal experience. We have no outside funding. Participating in this internship does not lead to a paid job with us.

You will have daily and weekly meetings to discuss what you have learned and plan the following week.

Our team includes two experienced co-founders from Stanford University and a nature parkour expert.

You will be expected to audit this course during the internship so you can participate in discussions and gain a strong formal foundation: How to Build a Startup. We will pay for your formal certification for this class if you want it.


  • The process for launching a successful startup. We use the same process covered in the Stanford University Lean LaunchPad course, The Startup Owner’s Manual by Steve Blank. This relies on The Business Model Canvas.
  • How to define an idea and test it online with real traffic. (customer discovery)
  • How to run great customer interviews to validate your idea (customer discovery)
  • How to find your target audience.
  • How to launch and use a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to refine your idea.
  • Crafting a value proposition, canvas and pivoting it.


  • You must have 10 hours per week to commit on a regular schedule. The scheduled hours are flexible, but must fall inside 8AM-4PM PST.
  • You must speak English or Spanish fluently.
  • You must be comfortable with videoconferencing for work.
  • You must be very comfortable on a computer.
  • You must have good collaboration and critical thinking skills.
  • People diverse from me are encouraged to apply!

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riel manriquez

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I make companies great places to work by growing leaders and implementing lightweight process. Previously CEO and GM at Airtreks, 100% remote company.

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Solve the problems of prolonged sitting

Movement Snack focuses on Healthcare. Their company has offices in United States. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://info.movement-snack.com/