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Camping, Adventures and Trips

Camping, Adventures and Trips

Mounty is an online discovery and booking platform for camps, adventure activities & trips anchored by the largest network of privately owned campsites, adventures and trips providers. We aim to make the travel experience fun and seamless. We do this through an amazing team of passionate travellers with years of experience and exceptional capabilities. We thrive to meet the high operating and service standards needed to exceed the expectations of customers. Our staff is dedicated to connecting our customers with amazing travel experiences, all at a pocket-friendly price. We are a curious non-hierarchical team who believes in working as a whole to introduce your soul with the essence of nature. If you’re a travel lover and just passionate to spend your days in the lap of nature, Mounty is here.

Backend Developer (Node.js)

Frontend Developer (Vue and Nuxt)

iOS Developer

Graphic Designer

Travel Consultant

Sales Executives


Digital Ads Manager

SEO Executive

Anuvesh Singh

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Worked at Mounty, Aviators Group. Experience with Digital Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics. Went to Lovely Professional University

Harshvardhan Tiwari

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Co-Founder & CEO @Mounty Founded ZORoute (Sold for $100K), Worked as VP-Sales Tech at Premier Developers, Real Estate.

Mujeeb khan

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