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We count people and vehicles

We count people and vehicles

Motionloft sells data. Global retailers and the property owners that own the leases for those retailers want to know how many people and cars pass by their properties.  Motionloft can with great accuracy, in real time, collect that data for business intelligence and operational solutions. The Marketing, Operations and Real Estate teams of our customers all need these counts. Cities need to know where people go, when they are there and how to redevelop the streets and neighborhoods to attract business.  Cities need and use Motionloft data to plan for the future and see if what they are doing now is successful. Motionloft collects the data through our own designed and developed software and hardware, delivered over a VPN.   Customers who own the major shopping centers, own food and retail brands across the world and installed in iconic properties such 30 Rock, Times Square use certified Motionloft data. Motionloft is a Mark Cuban company.

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I turn wacky ideas into everyday ops. I get all up in everybody's business. I am a data pack rat.

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