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The world's fastest business translation platform

The world's fastest business translation platform

MotaWord is the world’s fastest human translation platform. Our system enables vetted, highly-qualified translators to collaborate on the cloud simultaneously and translate documents in record short times, in 90+ languages.

Clients upload documents in any format to MotaWord's award winning website and get the translation back in their email within minutes, without going through the excruciating and highly unreliable effort to find a suitable translator. Clients can track large projects real-time, online, 24/7.

MotaWord is bringing together the world's translators, opening up possibilities by providing work to anyone with the right skills and an internet connection, and building an innovative community based on collaborative translation.

Senior Software Engineer - Primarily Mobile

Co-founder, CTO @MotaWord
Evren is a tinkerer, collaborator, polyglot, technology-enthusiast, father and gentleman farmer. After 9 years in translation industry he launched MotaWord.