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Connect with professionals around you in real time!

CMO-Key Hire

£15k – £30k • 0.5% – 7.5%
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We have key or role available(for equity only until external funding secured) depending on what you bring to the business.

Aptlink app is available on iOS App Store and is currently in currently in Beta testing phase.

We are currently doing a seed/preseed round and aim to close within the first quarter of 2019.

Currently a 3 person team of CEO, CTO and COO(CFO) and now we are currently hiring a key/early hire with marketing and growth experience with app(user based) businesses or any high growth businesses.

-Initiative( ideas are dime a dozen, implementation is what we need)
-Willing to get stuck in( I(Tinashe-CEO) have been standing on London tube stations handing out leaflets for the App early mornings), you dont need to do this but im just showing that even I get stuck in.
-Focus on growing and engaging the userbase on our social media channels
-Focus on increasing our userbase(target is 5% per week growth(key word-target))
-Though you start on a "Around your schedule basis" when we raise funding we would like to more commitment as the demands of the role grow.
-We have a working app, we want some who can get it in front of the users who need it through various channels such as online forums, publications, partnerships with event organisers and coworking spaces.
- We have secured expressions of interest from coworking spaces and need to nurture them and help increase our userbase.
-At your disposal you will have me(Tinashe-CEO) to help you and assist in actioning on any of the strategies you suggest.

‘Have I mingled with anyone relevant to me today? Is there anyone important at today’s event I missed connecting with? Who is in this workspace that Aptlink can give me a quick Bio to start a conversation?’

‘Aptlink app is your new networking partner that tells you who is who, who does what, who needs what when you’re at Events and Co-working spaces. Aptlink app arms you with instant Bios, Skills and Goals of the people around you to start a conversation, make important connections and sell your talents, ideas or Startup. Whether it’s at Events, Co-working Spaces or Business Lounges, Aptlink is your efficient Wing-Person to help with your scaling, new clients, employment, collaboration, mentor or investor objectives. Or just use it to make new friends.’

‘Why only immediate local connections? How many people have you connected with online that you will never meet because of distance? How many times have you braved a networking event and left not knowing anyone? How many times have you wished you had a Bio of someone at the event to strike up a conversation to explore the connection further. Aptlink focuses on people you can actually meet in real life and people important to your goals.’

‘Professional Events? Co-working Spaces? Business Lounges? You can also discover all these near you increasing your chances of meeting likeminded people.’

How does it work? You create your profile, so that’s your pic, bio, current goals and skills you have and of the people you want to meet. Anyone relevant to you that you have mingled with will show up on your timeline. When the interest is mutual you can start messaging directly within Aptlink app. In the discovery tab you can see a list of events and co-working spaces near you. If you attend the event or workspace and checkin, it will show on your profile and when you connect with someone you will know how and when you met. This gives really great context to your interaction.

At the moment we are starting conversions with additional potential key or first hires with the intention of bringing them on board if they share the same vision as Aptlink and have complimentary skills to the existing team. You are only expected to commit full-time once we get fully funded. We need someone who will help us get to product market fit and critical mass within the first year.

Admirable Skills/ Experience/Knowledge around these areas
CMO: User acquisition strategies, previous growth hacking experience ideally for an app or user centric business, social media marketing and management, SEO, publicity, guerrilla marketing, user engagement and retention and press releases etc.

Comp: 0.5-7.5%

Salaries will kick in once seed funded.

Vast industry experience is a bonus, but what we mainly look for spirit of hustling and dedication to making Aptlink a success.

If you think the Aptlink is something you can add value to and want to be involved, get in touch and we can a have a quick call and maybe grab a coffee!


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Connect with professionals around you in real time!

Aptlink focuses on Mobile, Events, Professional Networking, and Social Network. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. To date, Aptlink has raised $100K of funding; their latest round was closed on September 2018 at a valuation of $1M.

You can view their website at https://aptlink.io or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.