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Connect with professionals around you in real time!

Connect with professionals around you in real time!

‘Have I mingled with anyone relevant to me today? Is there anyone important at today’s event I missed connecting with? Who is in this workspace that Aptlink can give me a quick Bio to start a conversation?’

‘Aptlink app is your new networking partner that tells you who is who, who does what, who needs what when you’re at Events and Co-working spaces. Aptlink app arms you with instant Bios, Skills and Goals of the people around you to start a conversation, make important connections and sell your talents, ideas or Startup. Whether it’s at Events, Co-working Spaces or Business Lounges, Aptlink is your efficient Wing-Person to help with your scaling, new clients, employment, collaboration, mentor or investor objectives.’

'Aptlink only focuses on people you can actually meet in real life.’

‘Professional Events? Co-working Spaces? Business Lounges? You can also discover all these near you increasing your chances of meeting likeminded people.’

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