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Damián Arrillaga

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I am a software developer with 5+ years of experience in different technologies. My focus is on Mobile technologies, more specifically on Android and iOS.

Gonzalo Robaina

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Juan Manuel Pereira Andrioli

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Android and iOS engineer with a lot of passion and energy on developing creative and useful applications.

Miguel Renom

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Universidad de la República, Computer Science; 5 years experience –and counting.

Guzmán Iglesias

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Frontend Developer

Gustavo Armagno Haag

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As a software engineer, I love programming and leading teams to success. Computers can contribute to a better world. I'm on my way to help out.

Adrian Gomez

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I am a very proactive developer who feels really comfortable investigating new technologies and trying to find innovative solutions to known problems.

Santiago Estragó

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Full stack developer with experience in different stacks, and also with a product management profile.
CEO & board member at @moove_it

Cristian Dotta

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Full stack developer

Julio Lucero

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Founder Hacienda en Pie • Worked at @Moove-it, @altoros-systems • Studied at @Universidad Nacional Del Litoral

Matías Cubero

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Iván Etchart

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Sofware Engineer, Full stack web developer
Co-founder @Sophilabs • Co-organizer @JSConfUY • Worked at @Moove-it , @TSL, @Magix • Studied at @Universidad Catolica De Uruguay

Former team

Emiliano Coppo

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Maximiliano Casal

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Hernan Daguerre, PMP

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Patricio Maite

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Michel Golffed

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Adrián Caffarelli

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