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Moonshot Holdings, Inc. is a startup company. We have spent the last two and a half years in the patent application process for a technology that we believe will have a major disruptive impact on payment terms in the financial technology market. On September 14, 2016 the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a Notice of Allowance for the patent. In addition, we filed for protection under Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), in South Korea through the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Neither the United States nor South Korean offices found prior art. We see an opportunity for WinWin to fill the void for payments Over Time in three segments of the current payments market: (1) peer-to peer payments, (2) alternative lending and (3) the sharing economy. The global size of these combined market segments is vast. The early adopter buyer demographic for the product will likely be driven by Millennials whose intent is to bypass traditional banks. On the seller side, we believe established business owners will be from prior generations. Our next step is to build an “A Team” to launch the product into the Beta phase. We estimate the Beta phase to last 6 months during which time we will evaluate product quality, user experience, support requirements, and gather marketing feedback such as testimonials and reviews. Concurrently, work will begin on the development of the mobile application to be completed no later than the completion of the beta.
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Software Engineer for P-2-P Payments

Skills and Experiences:

Experience with payment solutions (ie PayPal, Braintree, Website Payments Standard)
Experience with highly scalable eCommerce platform, payments (Stripe/PayPal) highly desired!
Experience with S-a-a-S architecture is desired.