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Corporate cards reinvented

Corporate cards reinvented

Mooncard offers the most advanced corporate cards ever created for SMBs, connecting a Mastercard® cards and a powerful SaaS software. Mooncard provides a smooth UX from payment directly into accounting.

For each payment, Mooncard prefills business expenses using transaction data, connection to emails and calendars. The user takes a picture and that's it ! Accounting entries are automatically generated and pushed to the company's accounting software. No more missing receipts. Mooncard is easy, proactive and connected.

Mooncard offers unrivaled corporate cards realtime control thanks to a unique technology: an administrator can activate/desactivate cards, limits, enable or disable merchants (restaurants, gas stations, taxis, ... ), cash machines, week-end payments, hours range, all that in a blink.

Mooncard is the dream solution for CEOs, CFOs, employees and accountants: mooncard.co

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