cedric lator

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Ten years’ B2B experience, I have a strong background in BD and account management. I also have a lot of experience in marketing.

Grant Hoskin

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Abhishek Srivastava

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Looking for opportunities!

Keith Golden

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Database Engineer with Moody's Analytics. Interested in machine learning with Python.

Anurag Daga

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Finance graduate from Goa Institute of Management, skilled in financial analysis, financial modelling, valuation and equity research. Currently performing cred

Siddharth Chaurasia

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Works at Moody's Analytics. Experience with Agile, Waterfall, Project Management, Business Operations, Customer Relationship Management.

Matt Toglia

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I currently work at Moody's analytics in data marketing. In the past I've worked in inside sales where I developed many skills and sales tactics.

Simon Weifenbach, PMP

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Expert Change & Project Leader driven by Mindset of Constant Learning and Intellectual Curiosity

Dan Parker

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Adriano Triana

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Work at Moody's Analytics as a full stack engineer. I have touched a wide variety of technologies from React to AI/ML to AWS. Getting Masters in Tech Management

John Keogh

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Worked at Genpact, Moody's Analytics. Experience with Asset Management, Business Development, Consulting. Went to Boston University

Quinn Herrera

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Full stack developer with a focus on developing data-driven applications and ETL pipelines.

Patrick San Juan

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Software Engineer living in the Bay Area! Lover of all things tech.

Utpala Anand

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Experienced Technical Writer, Technical Editor, Content Manager and Documentation Manager with over 20 years of experience in the software industry.

Chamindra Senanayake

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Former team

Michael Cannatella

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Vatsal Singh

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Nancy Michael

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Alexander Soong

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Vishal Kella

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Terry Yang

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